Discipling The Nations

Haiti 6/11 Mission Trip Report

God’s Plan ” B “

Traveling in Haiti can be a challenge and an adventure. With few paved roads, our treks to provide medical clinics to the more remote and impoverished areas are always a reason for concentrated prayer.

We traveled to such a region our first day of clinic and made the 14 mile trip in 2 1/2 hours with only one flat tire. The weather held with no rain, so the creeks that we forded had not become impassable rivers. We were to return to the same area for clinic on our second day, but on the same treacherous stretch of rocky terrain, where we had our flat tire the previous day, a large truck had overturned, blocking the road, and preventing us from reaching our original destination.

One thing that is stressed on every mission trip is to stay flexible. We turned the vehicles around and in about 10 minutes arrived at a church/school where we had held a clinic 2 years prior. The pastor directed us to a small concrete block building with a tin roof. After a cow was removed from the building, it was swept and we set up our clinic. One young man was sent out into the surrounding neighborhood with a megaphone to tell the people we were providing a free medical clinic. We saw 187 needy patients that day and shared with them that it was God’s love that brought us there.

The gospel was presented to over 250 people with 15 accepting Jesus as their Savior. God’s plan “B” was actually His plan “A” and we are grateful to have been a part of it!

Nadine Pelham

Upcoming Mission Trips to Haiti: 6/7/12 to 6/14/12 &   11/3/12 to 11/12/12

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