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Haiti 6/11 Mission Trip Report

God’s Plan ” B “

Traveling in Haiti can be a challenge and an adventure. With few paved roads, our treks to provide medical clinics to the more remote and impoverished areas are always a reason for concentrated prayer.

We traveled to such a region our first day of clinic and made the 14 mile trip in 2 1/2 hours with only one flat tire. The weather held with no rain, so the creeks that we forded had not become impassable rivers. We were to return to the same area for clinic on our second day, but on the same treacherous stretch of rocky terrain, where we had our flat tire the previous day, a large truck had overturned, blocking the road, and preventing us from reaching our original destination.

One thing that is stressed on every mission trip is to stay flexible. We turned the vehicles around and in about 10 minutes arrived at a church/school where we had held a clinic 2 years prior. The pastor directed us to a small concrete block building with a tin roof. After a cow was removed from the building, it was swept and we set up our clinic. One young man was sent out into the surrounding neighborhood with a megaphone to tell the people we were providing a free medical clinic. We saw 187 needy patients that day and shared with them that it was God’s love that brought us there.

The gospel was presented to over 250 people with 15 accepting Jesus as their Savior. God’s plan “B” was actually His plan “A” and we are grateful to have been a part of it!

Nadine Pelham

Upcoming Mission Trips to Haiti: 6/7/12 to 6/14/12 &   11/3/12 to 11/12/12

BRIDGES One Day Conference

Date: October 8, 2011
Location: Idlewild Baptist Church

About the Seminar

It Will Inspire You Over 10,000 people have experienced Bridges One-Day, formerly known as the Sharing the Hope Seminar. This dynamic one-day seminar taught by Crescent Project founder and author Fouad Masri will inspire and motivate you to take the gospel to your Muslim friends and neighbors.

It Will Equip YouWhether you encounter Muslims in the grocery aisle or are preparing for full-time service overseas, Bridges One-Day will expand your knowledge of Islam and equip you to bridge the gospel to the Muslim heart and mind.

As a LIVE version of the 6-week Bridges small group study, the one-day seminar gives you the opportunity to experience and interact with Fouad, live in person!

Fouad’s fun and energetic style will keep you laughing and engaged as you explore:

• The History of Islam
• Islamic Beliefs and Rituals
• Attitudes of an Ambassador
• How to Bridge the Gospel
• Practical Tools for Reaching Muslims

It Will Empower You As Fouad often says, “You don’t have to be an expert in Islam to reach Muslims. You need to be an expert on the gospel and simply know enough about Islam to build a bridge.” Alumni often walk away from Bridges One-Day saying “Wow…God can use me to reach Muslims.”

Discover how God can use YOU to have an eternal impact on Muslims.

Register for the conference at https://www.crescentproject.org/index.cfm/pageid/2776/index.html

Mission Trip Calendar 2013

For more information & updates e-mail or call 813-264-8727.calendar+icon sm

Pokhara, Nepal

January 20-26, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose: Assisting IMB missionaries in planting a church among the Loba People Group. We will be setting up Medical Clinics in different villages through out Pokhara.  We will also reach out to the local Tibetan refugees.

Reduced Price for IBC Members: $1,600.00 & $3,200.00 (Non-members), this includes: transportation, housing and food on location. Team leaders will be Nadine and Allen Pelham they can be reached at missions@idlewild.org. Volunteers needed: 10

Tarcoles, Costa Rica

May 4-11, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose: Working with our IBC Church Plant partner, Pastor Jaime Fuentes through: Evangelism, church support and community outreach. This outreach will be a combination of but not limited to: VBS, bible distribution, door to door evangelism, men’s and ladies bible study, sports evangelism and a local community project.

Reduced Price for IBC Members: *850.00 and $1,700.00 (Non-members).  This includes: food, transportation and lodging.  Volunteers needed: 12

Guanajay, Cuba

April 6-13, 2013   /   Pay Online

October 5-12, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose: Work with a local Baptist church, construction, ladies & men’s conference, VBS in the evenings, Evangelistic Crusade in the evening

Reduced Price for IBC Members: *900.00 and $1,800.00 (Non-members). This includes: food, transportation and lodging

Cuba ENTRUST Trips

July 6- 13, 2013   /   Pay Online

November 2-9, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose: Pastors Conference. Training and discipling local pastors and missionaries.

Reduced Price for IBC Members: *900.00 and $1,800.00 (Non-members). This includes: food, transportation and lodging. Team size 3-4.

Requirements: volunteer must be a: Pastor, seminary student or have extensive bible teaching experience.


May 12-18, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose: To partner with IMB missionary in planting a church through various venues: VBS, Youth Events, Community Outreach, Discipleship Training.

Reduced Price for IBC members: $1,400.00 and $2,800.00 for (Non-members). This includes: food, transportation and lodging. Team size 10-12.

Amazon River

June 8-17, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose: Continue the work with the village people of the Amazon River Basin and with First Baptist Church of Parentinis.

Reduced Price for IBC members: $1,700.00 and $3,400.00 (Non-Members) – (deduct $90.00 if you have a Brazilian visa) This includes travel insurance, food, transportation and housing. Does not include vaccinations or visa.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

June 14-22, 2013   /   Pay Online  (FULL)

October 4-12, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose:  Bolivia is our newest addition to our Signature Partners lineup. We will be working with The Flooks (IMB missionaries from Idlewild) in planting a church on the outskirts of the city of Santa Cruz. Our ministry events will be: VBS in the community; Prayer Walking; Light construction; Small Group development and leadership discipleship.

Reduced Price for IBC members: $1,000.00 and $2,000.00 (Non-member).  This includes food, transportation, lodging and visa.

Thessaloniki, Greece

April 26 – May 4, 2013   /   Pay Online

June 7-15, 2013   /   Pay Online

October 4-12, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose: Continue the work in assisting to plant a local church, ministering through evangelism, prayer walking and local outreach projects.

Reduced Price for IBC Members: $1,100.00 and $2,200.00 for (Non-members).  This price includes food, housing and transportation.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

June 8-15, 2013   /   Pay Online  (FULL)

July 20-27, 2013   /   Pay Online

October 12-19, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose: Guatemala is one of our newest signature partners.  We will continue assisting a local church in evangelism, community outreach, food distribution to Garbage Village and VBS.

Reduced Price for IBC Members: $900.00 and $1,800.00 for (Non-Members).  This price includes food, transportation and lodging.

New Delhi, India

May 31 – June 7, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose: Work with our signature partners in India by leading a VBS week for the Middle School and High School students.

Reduced Price for IBC Members: $1,300.00 and $2,600.00 (Non-Members).  This price includes food and lodging.  Does not include: Vaccinations, souvenir shopping, food in transit to India and visa.

July 20-27, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose: Discipleship, Outreach to Slums, “Lifeskills” Training and Evangelism

Reduced Price for IBC Members: $1,300.00 and $2,600.00 (Non-Members).  This price includes food and lodging.  Does not include: Vaccinations, souvenir shopping, food in transit to India and visa.

New York City

May 5-11, 2013   /   Pay Online

October 13-19, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose: Team members will minister to a Muslim and Asian community in New York through relationship building.  Facilitating one-on-one and small group Conversational English Sessions will be the primary method of outreach, but Servant-Evangelism in public parks, prayer walking, English Corners, and Coffee Shop outreach will also be done.

Reduced Price for IBC members: $500.00 and $1,000.00 for Non-Members.  This price includes food, transportation and lodging.  Food during travel to/from NY not included.


August 17-24, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose: Help our Signature Partner, Marble Hill Baptist, to expand their outreach by initiating Community Outreach Bible studies.  Team members will help establish relationships by canvassing, and hosting a block party in 5 different communities.

Reduced Price for IBC members: $500.00 and $1,000 for Non-Members.  This price includes food, transportation, lodging and free day activities.  Food during travel to/from Tennessee not included.


July 4-13, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose:  To work with our signature partners: Jako and Amber Joubert in reaching the community for Jesus, assisting them with the needs of the orphanage and discipleship of the children in the orphanage and evangelism of the local believers.

Reduced Price for IBC members: $1,700.00 and $3,400.00 for Non-Members.  This price includes transportation, lodging, food and visa


October 4-14, 2013   /   Pay Online

Purpose: Partnering with the “Rescue 1″ ministry by serving in the following areas: VBS, Training Pastors; Community Evangelism Outreach; Visit a boys refugee center; Evening workshop, interaction with local monks (Christian conversations).

Reduced Price for IBC members: $1,500.00 and Non-Members: $3,000.00.  Price includes: transportation, lodging, food. Volunteers Needed: 20 – Adults Only

For more information & updates e-mail or call 813-264-8727.

MQ’s: Missional Questions


Have you ever found yourself having a conversation with a missionary and not knowing what questions to ask? Maybe if you knew “What questions not to ask” or “How to ask them” it would be helpful. Below are some comments from a missionary to Africa which might give you some pointers…

The five most common questions
June 13, 2011 by imbprayerdir

Since I’ve been home, it’s funny how the same questions keep coming up over and over and over again. Most of the time, I don’t mind answering. But, every now and then, I get really frustrated with these questions. And I know a lot of other returning missionaries get frustrated with them, too. So please hear my heart in this… we aren’t the same as we were when we left, and we don’t see things the same way, either. All that to say, here are the answers to those oh, so common questions….

1) How was your trip?
This question drives me crazy! It wasn’t a trip– it was a life. I lived there, bought groceries there, paid bills there, had a phone number there, and made friends there. When I moved there, I left behind a life I had built here, but when I came back home, I also left a life behind.

2) Did you learn to speak African?
I know this may be difficult for our English-speaking minds to wrap around, but everyone in Africa doesn’t speak the same language! There are over 50 “local” languages in one country alone. A lot of the time I did speak English, but English there isn’t like English here… “African English” has different phrasing, vocabulary, even a different cadence. I honestly had to re-learn how to speak English there! (And please don’t be surprised when African English works its way into my American conversations… it happens!)

3) What’s next?
I have no idea. I feel like God is calling me into some kind of missions work, but from the US-side of things. My heart is to help believers get involved in both local and international missions. Right now, I’m just looking for someone who wants to pay me a salary to do it… any takers???

4) Do you miss being there?
Power outages, dirty water, wandering livestock, and body odor? Absolutely not. Precious friends, piki-piki (motorcycle taxi) rides, hot tea in the shade, ripe mangoes, passionfruit, and pineapple? Every day.

5) Are you glad to get back to real life?
If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s how this life we lead here in America really isn’t all that real. I don’t say that to sound pretentious or judgmental. I know that people here have real, day-in, day-out struggles. People here are hurting with real problems. But many Americans have no idea what life is like for people outside these United States. To not always know where your next meal is coming from, to choose between paying school fees for one child and buying life-saving medicine for another, to walk a mile each way just to bring home 5 gallons of water, or to simply sit under a tree with a friend and drink tea–that is real life.

(Names and locations omitted due to security issues)

By imbprayerdir

India VBS June ’12 Mission Trip

This was a house tucked away in the neighborhoods of the city. We thought it looked pretty slummy, but pretty much everywhere looked like that we came to realize.

The group of people there were women and children and the local pastor named (R). I shared a message about prayer and (R) interpreted. We then prayed for the people who attended the prayer meeting that night specifically according to their requests. They had come to be prayed for and the needs varied from physical, health, provisional and salvation needs.

We took turns praying between Matt and David and myself. We were so blessed to be able to pray for these people. We heard testimonies from a few of them and they were sharing how God had healed them physically and some talked about how God had healed them spiritually from Hinduism to Christianity.

One girl who was not a believer asked for prayer and I asked her if she wanted to receive salvation like her Mom had recently and she said yes. (R) prayed for her and we all circled around her, just as we circled around the others who needed prayer. We then visited with (R) as he showed us the rest of the orphanage and a few of the kids who were staying there.

(R) opened up and shared his personal testimony of how his own father had sold him for a cigarette when he was one year old. He was raised by men who molested him until he ended up at catholic church when he was a young boy. He hated all men and when he saw the priest he thought he would do the same things to him and started to make himself ready for the priest, but the priest told him that was a sin. He had never known any different until he was brought up in the church.

This mans testimony brought tears to my eyes. He was using the neighborhood house church, orphanage and prayer for healing ministry to convert Hindus and Muslims. People attend every night of the week upwards to 50 at a time. He said he spends 3-4 hours a day in prayer. This man walks with God and the Lord sustains him daily…he said he can’t do anything without prayer.

Brad Snellings

For more information on our June 2012 VBS Mission Trip contact Idlewild On Mission @ 813-264-8727 or e-mail us at missions@idlewild.org

Guatemala Vision Trip


We had a blessed day, blessed because we visited the people that live and work on the “City Trash Dump” and realized how blessed our lives are. Living and dying among the trash cannot get any worse.

I asked a lady with three naked kids wrapped around her legs, living in a 8′ x 8′ tin house, with a hole in the roof where water pours in every time it rains, working 70 hours in the dump collecting plastic and paper to sell to a recycling company, “How can I pray for you ?”….Her answer was not a request for things, but a lengthy thanksgiving to our Lord on how many blessings she has received and how God continues to provide for her. I felt the size of ant, next to this “Giant child of God”.

Pray for “us”, that we might take our eyes off of the things of the world and set our eyes on “His” things….

Francis Chan said, “Why do we need a comforter, when we are so comfortable!”

Lord if this is how I will learn to see your blessings, your provisions and your love for me. Should I not be asking, “Make me uncomfortable”.

Ray S.

Join our next Mission Trip to Guatemala City 10/29-11/5.
E-mail missions@Idlewild.org for trip information.


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